Monday, February 18, 2008

The Angel In The Ghetto

Seen on Linwood on the wrong side of Main. You know what I mean. Across the street from a Popeye's that smells like scrambled eggs 24/7 and on a condemned apartment building. This "Hip Harold" is outta control and off the chizzain.

This apartment building is a serious step up (or down) from the apartment building in the previous post. That building is otherwise fine aside from the screwed-up billing for heat and a landlord that is a servant of Satan. This building is straight-up closed to the non-heroin using public. The only tenants in this place are rats, roaches, and a homeless guy that carries around a mop he named Sally. It's also right next to a sketchy liquor store that is allegedly open 24/7/365 yet was robbed when no one was working. Apparently the guy working was watching a closed-circuit episode entitled "Do not stop for any reason in Linwood" and saw two extras from HBO's "The Wire" pulling a jack move in his store, so he called the cops and they had a little shootout, Killa City style. Why wasn't anyone working? Why would you skip work to watch a video of your empty store? Why doesn't Kansas City have it's own Batman, because she needs it?

These are mysteries, and Spotted Angel clearly isn't intimidated. The fact that s/he can cross that invisible barrier on Main that separates the "not especially great" area to the "worse" area, shows that s/he's apparently 10-feet tall with a pocketful of Kryptonite. And I ain't just talking about the slang for weed. (It's weed, right? I need to check Urban Dictionary.)

P.S. It is indeed "strong-ass weed". Superman has to be turning over in is grave.

Seen on Linwood near a sketchy-looking liquor store.

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