Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hip Harold Loves Garbage

This was seen on a dumpster in front of an apartment building in Westport. It has a douchebag landlord that would be more willing to let a tenant out of a lease than fix the locks on the doors that was promised on move in. Also, a little bird told me that the tenants split the heat bill whether or not one person wants it hot or not thanks to one central unit.

Speaking of douchebags, many people in KC apparently think our friend Harold is one, at least according to this forum. And who can blame them? It's very rude to proclaim yourself hip, and even ruder to cost business owners money in order to tell this fact on the mountain. This is the only tag I've seen with the full "Hip Harold", but apparently he's all over downtown like homeless bums. Who knows, perhaps this "Hip Harold" will find his Javert, Lt. Gerard, or Batman?

Seen on West 36th Street.

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